About Us

Way back in 2009, while observing some guys and gals tossing a flying disc after a basketball game, an idea began to take shape - why don't we combine the excitement of Ultimate with the structure of basketball?

After a few test runs with a basic set of rules and a rim made of PVC pipe, we found that people of all ages were having a blast. People who were familiar with Ultimate felt right at home, but even those who never played much found the game easy to learn.

And so, DiscHoops was born. Official rules were introduced in 2010, and in 2011 an official Disc Goal Apparatus was designed. The Disc Goal Apparatus and DiscHoops game was later awarded a full utility patent on May 6, 2014 and subsequently manufactured for distribution.

Through the years, DiscHoops has evolved into a fast paced competitive sport. We are now focused to create the next generation Disc Hoop Rim to meet the needs of high school and college athletes playing the sport. The official rules have been modified to now play the game at the next level - "Above the Rim" for a very fast game experience.

Today, DiscHoops is played and enjoyed by hundreds of athletes in the United States and Canada.....and GROWING.

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